Prof. Yo-Han BaeProfessor of Philosophy

    Research Profile

    Comparative study between Eastern and Western Thoughts
    East and West: Fusion of Horizons in 21th century
    A New Understanding of Christian Theology viewed through East Asian Thought
    Philosophical Christian Theology

    Teaching Profile

    Introduction to Philosophy
    Christianity and Today’s Isms
    History of Western Philosophy
    Christianity and Korean Thoughts
    Christianity and East Asian Thoughts
    Comparative Methodology of Christian Theology and Philosophy

    Selected Publications

    Western Thoughts Viewed Through Philosophical Current [Kr. Heureum euro boneun Seoyang sasang] (Dongin Seowon Publications, Inc.: 1998).  (Korean)

    The Critical Understanding about Do-ol’s Understanding of Analects [Kr. Do ol Non-eo Baro bogi (Dongin Seowon Publications, Inc.: 2001. (Korean)

    The Divine-human Relationship in Korean Religious Traditions: The Presence and Transformation of the Themes from the T’angun Myth in the Chosŏn Chujahak Traditions and Korean Protestant Christianity(Th. D. Dissertation, Boston University, 2007).

    The One and the Many in Neo-Confucianism: Focusing of the Account of the Taijitu Shuo of Zhou Dun-yi and Zhu Xi, Korea Presbyterian Journal of Theology, vol. 8, 2008. (Korean)




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