Prof. Kyo-Seong AhnAssociate Professor of Historical Theology

    Research Profile

    Korean Church History and many others: Church and Missions History of East Asia(Korea, Japan, China, Mongolia and Maritime/Eastern Part of Russia), Bible Translation, Ecumenism, Third World Theologies, Migration and the Disabled.

    Teaching Profile

    1) “Korean Exceptionalism?: A Case-study of World Christianity”. The Korean Church is renowned for remarkable church growth, invincible democratization movement, and fast-growing world mission. How could this be?
    2) “Korean Theologies: varieties of theological experience.” Matching up to the diversity of the Korean Church, there is a wide spectrum of theological explorations, besides already well-publicized Korean Pentecostal Theology and Minjung Theolgy. What is the reality of Korean Theologies?

    Selected Publications

    The Church Which Lost the Disabled. Seoul: HongSung Books, 2003. (Korean)

    “From Mission to Church and Beyond: The Metamorphosis of post-Edinburgh Christianity”. Kerr, David A. & Ross, Kenneth R. eds. Edinburgh 2010: Mission Now and Then. Oxford: Regnum, 2009, 76-86.

    “Asia, East”. Bonk, Jonathan. ed. Encyclopedia of Missions and Missionaries. London: Routledge, 2007. 29-35.

    “Christian Mission and Mongolian Identity: The Religious, Cultural, and Political Context”. Studies in World Christianity. 9/1 (2003): 103-124.

    “The Meaning and Contribution of the Presbyterian Church of Korea’s Mission in the Scope of Global Mission: Propositions for a PCK Mission Policy”. Lee, Kwang Soon. ed. World Mission in the 21st Century, Rethinking Mission: New Directions for a New Century. Seoul: PCTS, 2001. 331-360.




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