Prof. Jae-Duk ChoiProfessor of New Testament

    Research Profile

    “Metanoeo and Metanoia: A Study of Their Transition in Meaning and Significance in Theology” PCTS Journal 33(2008). 37-59

    “A Biblical Study on the Form of Repentance in the Pyengyang Great Awakening Movement and Its influence on the Ethical Consciousness of the Korean People” PCTS Journal 28(2007). 41-64.

    “The Foundation of Organ Donation, A Study based on the New Testament and the related Literatures” PCTS Journal 26(2006). 69-95.

    “The historical Jesus’ view to suffering” Journal of the New Testament Society of Korea, September (2005)531-557.

    Study on the Historical Jesus
    2) Method of N.T. Studies
    3) Introduction to the New Testament Study,
    4) N.T. Exegesis,
    5) New Testament Reading in Greek,
    6) Sermon on the Mount,
    7) Hebrews
    8) Bible Study N.T.,
    9) New Testament Background,
    10) Pauline Epistles

    Selected Publications

    Jesus’ Teaching on Repentance (Binghamton: Global Publications, 2000)

    co-edit: Honesty in the N.T. (Seoul: Christian Literature Society Press, 2005). (Korean)

    New Testament Studies(Mark) co-edit. (Seoul: PCTS Press, 2008)) (Korean)

    translation of: W. Doty, Letters of the Primitive Christianity (Seoul: Handeul Publishing Company, 2008).

    translation of: D. R. W. Hare, Matthew (Fortress, 1989).




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