Prof. WANG XiaochaoProfessor of Philosophy

    Research Profile

    Greco-Roman Philosophy; Patristic and Contemporary Christian Theology; Religious Ethics; The History of Cultural Exchange between China and the West

    Teaching Profile

    Lectures: Selected Issues in Greco-Roman Philosophy, Selected Issues in Contemporary Cultural Philosophy, Readings in Classical Western Philosophy, Selected Readings in Foreign Ethics

    Seminars: Religious Ethics and Culture, The History of Western Philosophy, Reading in the Western Classical Tradition, The Basics of Religious Studies

    Selected Publications

    Vexation Facing Great Changes: The Essence of Contemporary Western Philosophy. Shanghai: Shanghai Culture Press, 1993.

    An Outline of the Ancient Greek Religion. Shanghai: Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 1997.

    Christianity and Imperial Culture: A Comparative Study of Graeco-Roman and Chinese Christian Apologetics. Leiden (Holland): B. J. Brill Publ: 1997. (Chinese version: Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 1997).

    The Fusion between Mysticism and Reason, An Exploration of the Origins of Christian Mysticism. Hangzhou University Press, 1998.

    Faith and Reason: A Biography of Ancient Christian Fathers. Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 2001.

    The Cultural Transformation of the Roman Empire. Beijing: The Chinese Social Sciences Literature Press, 2002.

    Patrology: Early Christian Philosophy from the Perspective of Culture. Hebei University Press, 2003.

    Fifteen Lectures on the Science of Religion. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2003.

    The Transformation from Traditional Morality to the Contemporary. Harbin: Helongjiang People’s Publishing House, 2004.

    The Memorial Anthology of Mr. T. C. Chao. Beijing: Religious Culture Press, 2005.



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