Prof. QU Xutong (Thomas)Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at School of Philosophy

    Research Profile

    German Modern Theology (Goethe, Karl Barth and others), Classical Metaphysics and Philosophical Theology (Aristotle, Hegel and Heidegger).

    Teaching Profile

    Aristotle’s Metaphysics; Martin Heidegger’s Introduction to Metaphysics; Karl Barth’s Introduction to Evangelical Theology; Richard Rorty’s Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature; Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy.

    Selected Publications

    2015, „In the drawing power of Goethe’s sun“. A Preliminary Investigation into the Goethe Reception of Albert Schweitzer, in: Schweitzer Reassessed: Unity and Diversity in the Life and Thought of Albert Schweitzer, ed. by James Carleton Paget and Michael James Thate (forthcoming).

    2014, Karl Barths Tambacher Vortrag aus dem Blickwinkel seiner Goethe-rezeption, Zeitschrift für Dialektische TheologieHeft 60 Jahrgang 30 Nr. 1, 153-172.

    Barth und Goethe. Die Goethe-Rezeption Karl Barths 1906-1921, Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener Verlagshaus, 2014.

    Geist und Wort. Die biblisch-hermeneutische Entscheidung Karl Barths aus dem Blickwinkel seiner Goethe-Rezeption 1918-1922, in: Gottes Geist und menschlicher Geist, hrsg. von Gregor Etzelmüller und Heike Springhart, Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 2013, 81-89).

    What are the Golden Bulls? ——The Cult of Jeroboam in 1 Kings 12: 25-33 from the Viewpoint of Tradition Criticism, in: Biblical Literature Studies, Vol. 5, 346-367 (in Chinese).

    Paganism or Cultural Christian of Higher Rank? On Harnacks Elementary Interpretation about the „Religion of Goethe in the Epoch of His Consummation“, in: Beida Journal of Philosophy Vol 21 No. 1, 2010, 81-108 (in Chinese).



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