Prof. SUN YiAssociate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

    Research  Profile

    New Testament Studies, The Formation of the New Testament Canon, Pauline Theology, Studies of Modern Christian Thought, Calvin Studies

    The Religious Thought of Kierkegaard

    Sino-Christian Studies, Modern Chinese Protestantism and Modern Chinese Society

    Teaching Profile

    History of Christian Thought, Classic Works of Christian Thought; Introduction to the Bible, Selected Topics in Biblical Studies; Calvin’s Institutes; Philosophy and Theology; Sino-Christian Studies.

    Selected Publications

    The Single Individual. Beijing, Chinese Social Science Publishing, 2004.

    The Origin of the Christian Tradition of Mysticism. Trans. by Guanhui You, Andrew Luth. Beijing: Zhi-Gong Publishing, 2001.

    Reason and Religious Belief. Trans. by Bin You, Michael Peterson etc. Renmin University Press, 2004.

    “On the Philosophic Significance of Kierkegaard’s Style of the Polyphonic Narratation,” Logos & Pneuma (1998): 1.

    “An Abstract on Kierkegaard’s Theory of Sin,” Regent Chinese Journal (2000): 2.

    “A Tentative Analysis of the View Regarding Death in the New Testament,” Fudan Journal (2003):6.

    “On Problems of Self-Identity in the Modern Age,” Logos & Pneuma (2004): 2.

    “On Calvin’s Principal of the Relation Between the Church and Civil Government,” Journal of Southwest University for Nationalities (2007): 4.

    “On Calvin’s View of the Functions of the Law,” Religious Studies (2007): 2.

    “On New Development of Christian Anthropology,” Studies in World Religion (2007): 6.

    “An Analysis of Human Reason from the Existential Perspective,” Fudan Journal (2008): 2.


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