Prof. Stanley H. SkresletProfessor of Christian Mission

    Research profile

    Prof. Skreslet’s research interests have centered on the history and theology of Christian mission, with a special focus on the region of the Middle East.  Presently, he is working on a new introduction to the discipline of missiology.

    Teaching profile

    History of Mission to 1910
    Mission and Missiology since 1910
    Religion of Islam
    Middle East Travel Seminar
    History of Christianity in Africa
    Co-teach History of Christianity II (Reformation to the present)

    Selected publications:

    Picturing Christian Witness: New Testament Images of Disciples of Mission. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2006

    “American Presbyterians and the Middle East,” a chapter in A History of Presbyterian Missions, 1944-2007, ed. by Scott W. Sunquist and Caroline N. Becker. Louisville: Geneva Press, 2008.

    “Thinking Missiologically about the History of Mission,” International Bulletin of Missionary Research 31 (2007): 59-65

    “Configuring Missiology: Reading Classified Bibliographies as Disciplinary Maps,” Mission Studies 23 (2006): 171-201

    “Doctoral Dissertations on Mission: Ten-Year Update, 1992-2001,” International Bulletin of Missionary Research 27 (2003): 98-133

    “Among the Believers: Muslims and Christians in the Dar al-Islam,” a chapter in Presbyterian Mission for a New Millennium.  Bonnie Sue Lewis and Tricia Lloyd-Sidle, eds. Louisville: Geneva Press, 2001

    “Impending Transformation: Mission Structures for a New Century,” International Bulletin of Missionary Research 23 (1999): 2-6.

    “Networking, Civil Society and the NGO: A New Model for Ecumenical Mission,” Missiology 25 (1997): 307-319.

    “Emerging Trends in a Shifting Global Context: Mission in the New World Order,” Theology Today 54 (1997): 150-164

    “The Empty Basket of Presbyterian Mission: Limits and Possibilities of Partnership,” International Bulletin of Missionary Research 19 (1995): 98-104.



    Union Theological Seminary and
    Presbyterian School of Christian Education
    3401 Brook Road
    Richmond, VA 23227



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