Prof. Pilgrim W. K. LoProfessor of Systematic Theology

    Research Profile

    Dogmatics and Christian Ethics, Luther Studies, Theological Aesthetics and Hermeneutics, (Re-)Construction of Chinese Theology

    Teaching Profile

    Teaching at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong since 1993 with emphasis on Christian Dogmatics and Ethics including studies of modern theologies and contextual theologies; in charge of the Institute for Luther Studies in the Asian Context since 2001, offering courses on Luther’s Theology and guided research; mentor of Master and Doctoral students for contextual studies and Luther studies.

    Selected Publications

    “Lutherrezeption in China,” in Lutherjahrbuch 72 (2006), Helmar Junghans, ed. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2006.

    “The Significance of Luther’s Pneumatology for our Time” (in Chinese) in Pneumatology of Luther and Calvin. Hsinchu: China Lutheran Seminary Publishing House, 2006.

    “A Lutheran Reflection on the Understanding of Episcopé in a Pluralistic Society – Hong Kong as Example” in Journal of Asian Theological Society 1 (2006)  Korea: Asian Theological Society, 2006.

    “Christliche Mission in einer Metropole” in Hans-Christoph Goßmann, ed. Missionissima – Beiträge zur Zukunft von Mission, Ökumene und Entwicklung. Frankfurt a.M.: Lembeck, 2005 (“Christian Mission in a Metropolis”).

    “Die Bedeutung von Luthers Theologie für das 21. Jahrhundert” in Lutherjahrbuch 70 (2004) (“The Importance of Luther’s Theology for the 21st Century”).

    “Theology is Not Mere Sociology – A Theological Reflection on the Reception of Christian Religion in Mainland China,” in Dialog 43 (2004). Oxford: Blackwell Synergy, 2004.

    “From ‘Justification by Faith’ to ‘Justification by Love’? A Reflection on Theological Reconstruction,” in A. M. Madsen, ed. Glaube und Denken – Die Bedeutung der Theologie für die Gesellschaft, Festschaft für Hans Schwarz zum 65. Geburtstag. Frankfurt a. M: Lang, 2004.

    “Luther and the Post-denominational Era of China” in Wing Kwong Lo, ed. Theology and Life 25 (2004)  Hong Kong: Lutheran Theological Seminary, 2004.

    “Neo-orthodox Theology” (in Chinese) in Benedict Kwok, ed. Theology for the New Century vol. 2. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Christian Institute, 2003.

    “(DJJD) Reception in the Chinese Context of Hong Kong” in K. Bloomquist and W. Greive, eds. The Doctrine of Justification: Its Reception and Meaning Today. Geneva: LWF, 2003.




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