Prof. Benny TaiAssociate Professor of Law

    Research Profile

    Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, comparative constitutional law, administrative law, human rights, law and religion, law and governance, law and politics

    Teaching Profile

    Law and Religion; Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; Love, Marriage, Sex, and Family; Christianity and Society; Government and Law; Constitutional and Administrative Law; Law and Society; Hong Kong Basic Law; Law Government and Society

    Selected Publications

    Faith and Law: The Public Role of Christians in a Pluralistic Society. Hong Kong: Logos Publishers Ltd., 2007.

    “An Unexpected Chapter Two of Hong Kong’s Constitution: New Players and New Strategies” in Ming Sing , ed. Challenges to Governance for China and Hong Kong: 10 Years after its Handover. M.E. Sharpe, 2007.

    “The Situation and Trend of Judicial Review in Hong Kong,” in Wong Siu-lun, Wan Po-san and Leung Sai-wing, eds. Chinese Societies in the New Century: An Analysis of Social Indicators. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2008.

    “The Judiciary and the Hong Kong Legal System” in Wai-man, Lam, Percy Luen-tim Lui, Wilson Wai-ho Wong and Ian Holliday, eds. Hong Kong Government and Politics: Governance in the Post 1997 Era. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2007

    (Co-authored with Karen Lee) “The Nature and Development on Laws on Sexuality” in Kwan Kai Man, Tai Yiu Ting & Kong Kwai Wah et al., eds. Equality? Hegemony? Review on the Issues concerning Homosexuality. Hong Kong: Cosmos Books Ltd, 2005

    “The Status of Human Rights Protection in Hong Kong after Transition” in Andy Ho and HOI Tong Wa, eds. Hong Kong 2000: Social Trends and Policy Analysis. Hong Kong: Ltd., 2000

    “Contempt of Court and Freedom of Press” in Kenneth Leung, ed. Media Law and Practices in Hong Kong Commercial Press (HK) 1995

    “Basic Law, Basic Politics: The Constitutional Game of Hong Kong” HKLJ 37 (2007): 503-578.

    “Models of Interaction between Law and Religion: An Overview” Pacific Journal 7 (2007): 50-63.

    “Developing an Index of the Rule of Law: Sharing the Experience of Hong Kong” Asian Journal of Comparative Law 2 (2007): 89-109.



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