Prof. Eric Kun-chun WONGProfessor of New Testament Studies

    Research Profile

    My research lies in the New Testament and its related issues, which includes the Greek language, the text of the NT and its background. I completed two major works in the past ten years, the Dialogue of the Synoptics with Paul [in German] and the New Testament Greek-Chinese Lexicon, in which all occurrences of every individual Greek lemma are considered and categorized into different definitions of meaning. Currently, I am exploring a new dimension in understanding the Historical Jesus with a psychological perspective.

    Teaching Profile

    My teaching includes most topics and issues relating to the New Testament. I have been teaching the Greek language, Introduction to the New Testament, Exegeses of individual Scriptures, Extra-Canonical Documents, and also supervising some doctoral candidates on various themes. Upon request of students, un-offered courses can also been arranged according to their needs.

    Selected Publications

    New Testament Greek-Chinese Lexicon. Hong Kong Bible Society 2011.

    Evangelien im Dialog mit Paulus: Eine intertextuelle Studie zu den Synoptikern [publisher pending]

    Interkulturelle Theologie und multikulturelle Gemeinde im Matthaeusevangelium: Zum Vehaeltnis von Juden- und Heidenchristen im ersten Evangelium. NTOA 22, Göttingen/Freiburg, Switzerland: Universitaetsverlag, 1992.

    The Nature of the Four Gospels: The Materials, Structures and Themes of the Gospels. Hong Kong: Chinese Christian Literature Council (CCLC), 2001 [Chinese]

    Chief Editor in Chinese Version: Christian Extra-Canonical Documents – New Testament 4 volumes and Old Testament 6 volumes [Hong Kong: CCLC, 2001-04]

    “The De-radicalization of Jesus’ Ethical Sayings in Romans.” Novum Testamentum 43 (2001), 245-263

    “The De-radicalization of Jesus’ Ethical Sayings in 1 Corinthians.” New Testament Studies 48 (2002), 181-194.





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