Prof. Milton Wai-Yiu WANHonorary Senior Research Fellow (Theology)

    Research and Teaching Profile

    Transcendent Experiences in Christianity and Chinese Culture; Modernization and Religiosity, Modern Theology; Systematic Theology; Chinese Philosophy; Inter-religious Dialogue; Christianity and Neo-Confucianism; Christian Spirituality

    Selected Publications

    “Sino-Christian Theology and China: Present and Future,” in: Li, Qiuling/Daniel H. N. Yeung (ed.s): Modernity, Transformation of Tradition and Sino-Christian Theology, Volume III. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press, 2010, 782-799. (in Chinese)

    On the Transformation and Transcendence of Humanity: A Sino-Christian Perspective. Beijing: Religious Culture Publishers, 2009. (in Chinese)

    “On the Capability of Modernization of Christian Religion,” in: Zhuo, Xin-ping/Xu, Zhi-wei (ed.s): Study of Christianity (12th Series). Beijing: Religious Culture Publishers, 2009, 1-17. (in Chinese)

    “Sinology as Classical Studies and Its Contemporary Meaning,” in: World Sinology (2009), 18-26. (in Chinese)

    “Spirituality East and West: Neo-Confucian Ways of Cultivation and Their Christian Counterparts,” in: Chow Ta-hsing (ed.): Understanding, Interpretation and the Confucian Tradition: Prospect. Taipei: Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica, 2009, 153-174. (in Chinese)

    “Christian Doctrines in China: Ten Themes and Two Trends,” in: He, Guanghu/Daniel H. N. Yeung (ed.): Sino-Christian Theology Reader, Volume II. Hong Kong: Institute of Sino-Christian Studies, Ltd., 2009, 521-535.

    “Chinese Religions,” in: W.A. Dyrness/V.-M. Kärkkäinen (ed.s): Global Dictionary of Theology. Downers Grove, Illinois: IVP Academic Press, 2008m, 158-162.

    “Sino-Christian Theology as Public Theology: On Theological Studies and Christian Experience,” in: Zhuo, Xin-ping/Xu, Zhi-wei (ed.s): Study of Christianity (11th Series). Beijing: Religious Culture Publishers, 2008, 45-73. (in Chinese)

    “The Explanation of History and the Transformation of Life: From Confucianism of Song Dynasty to Paul Tillich,” in: Zhang Qing-xiong/Xu Yi-hua (ed.s): Academia Christiana (6th Series). Shanghai: Shanghai Ancient Texts Publishers, 2008, 57-85. (in Chinese)

    “Christian Studies and Its Corresponding Religious Experiences: An Essay on Typology of Christian Studies Scholars in China,” in: Logos & Pneuma: Chinese Journal of Theology 29 (2008), 123-153. (in Chinese)



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