Prof. Karl Olav SandnesProfessor of New Testament Theology

    Research profile

    Prof. Sandnes’ interest has focused on Paul’s theology and how it was formed by encountering the Greek legacy and the ancient world.  He is interested in how NT texts were received by Christians living in the Graeco-Roman world.

    Teaching profile

    Prof. Sandnes’ teaching responsibilities are much wider than the focus of his research and he regularly teaches classes on Paul and his letters, John’s Gospel, 1 Peter and Hellenistic culture. From time to time  he also teaches introduction and method, Luke’s Gospel and the parables.

    Selected Publications

    “Paul and Socrates: The Aim of Paul’s Areopagus Speech,” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 50 (1993): 13-26.

    “Prophecy – a Sign for Believers (1 Cor 14,20-25),” Biblica 77 (1996): 1-15.

    “‘I have called you Friends:’ An Aspect of the Christian Fellowship within the Context of the Antique Family” in The New Testament in its Hellenistic Context. Studia Theologica Islandica 10, Reykjavik 1996: 95-111.

    “Equality within Patriarchal Structures: Some New Testament Perspectives on the Christian Fellowship as a Brother- and Sisterhood or Family,” in H. Moxnes, ed. Constructing Early Christian Families. Family as Social Reality and Metaphor. London/New York: Routledge, 1997: 150-165.

    “Revised Conventions in early Christian Paraenesis: ‘Working Good’ in 1 Peter as an Example” in J. Starr/T. Engberg-Pedersen, ed. Early Christian Paraenesis in Context. Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft. 125, Berlin/New York: de Gruyter, 2004: 373-403.

    “Beyond ‘Love Language’: A Critical Examination of Krister Stendahl’s Exegesis of Acts 4:12,” Studia Theologica 52 (1998): 43-56.

    “The Role of the Congregation as a Family within the Context of Recruitment and Conflict in the early Church,” in P. Borgen et al., eds. Recruitment, Conquest, and Conflict. Strategies in Judaism, Early Christianity, and the Graeco-Roman World. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1998: 333-346.

    Paul – One of the Prophets? A Contribution to the Apostle’s Self-Understanding. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2:43. Tübingen: Mohr/Siebeck, 1991.

    A New Family: Conversion and Ecclesiology in the Early Church with Cross-Cultural Comparisons. Studies in the Intercultural History of Christianity 91. Bern: Peter Lang, 1994.

    Belly and Body in the Pauline Epistles. Monograph series: Society for New Testament Studies 120. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002 (Paperback 2005).





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