Prof. Jan-Olav HenriksenProf. theol. Prof. phil., Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion

    Research Profile

    Systematic theology
    Philosophy of religion
    Theological anthropology
    Psychology of religion

    Teaching Profile

    Systematic theology
    Theory of Science
    Doctoral supervision
    Master supervision
    Theology in an interdisciplinary context

    Selected publications

    Sandnes, K. O. & Henriksen, J.-O. 2020. Resurrection : Texts and Interpretation, Experience and Theology. Pickwick Publications.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2020. Representation and Ultimacy : Christian Religion as Unfinished Business. LIT Verlag.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2019. Religious Plurality and Pragmatist Theology : Openness and Resistance. Brill.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2019. Christianity as Distinct Practices : A Complicated Relationship. T&T Clark.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2017. Religion as Orientation and Transformation: A Maximalist Theology. Mohr Siebeck.

    Henriksen, J.-O. & Sandnes, K. O. 2016. Jesus as healer : a Gospel for the body. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2006. “The Crucifixion as the Realisation of Identity: The Gift of Recognition and Representation,” Modern Theology 22 : 197-220.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2017. “Creation and Construction: On the Theological Appropriation of Postmdern Theory,” The Richardson Fellowship Lecture, Durham University, 5.12.2000, in Modern Theology (2002): 153-169.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2005. “The Human Being as Co-Creator: Freedom and Responsibility for Whom? Preliminary Theological Reflection on the Cloning of Human Individuals,” in U. Görman et al., ed. Creative Creatures: Values and Ethical Issues in Theology, Science and Technology. Issues in Science and Theology 9. London/New York :T&T Clark Publ: 152-161.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2004. “The Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms – Challenged by Secularization and Privatization,” in: N.H. Gregersen et al., eds. The Gift of Grace: The Future of Lutheran Theology. Minneapolis: Fortress Press: 277-290.

    Henriksen, J.-O.  2004. “Theo-logy in the Science and Religion Discourse: Its Conditions, Tasks, and Contents,” in N.H. Gregersen/M. Vejrup Nielsen, ed. Preparing for the Future: The Role of Theology in the Science-Religion Dialogue. Proceedings from the Danish Science-Religion Forum vol. 3: 3-26.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2003. “Feeling of Absolute Dependence or Will to Power? Schleiermacher vs. Nietzsche on the Conditions for Religious Subjectivity,” Neue Zeitschrift für Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie 45: 313-327.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2003. “Postmodernism and the Unchangeability of God” Studia Theologica 57 (2003): 87-102.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2003. “The Absence of God in the Presence of Desire,” in C.-R. Bråkenhielm, ed. Negativ Teologi. Uppsala, 2003: 83-106.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2003. “The Moral Self in Femininst Discourse,” in C.-H. Grenholm/N. Kamergrauzis, ed. Feminist Ethics: Perspectives, Problems and Possibilities. Uppsala Studies in Social Ethics 29, 2003: 53-67.

    Henriksen, J.-O. 2001.The Reconstruction of Religion: Lessing, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. W.B. Eerdmans: Grand Rapids.





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