Prof. Svein Aage ChristoffersenProfessor of Ethics and Philosophy of Religion 

    Research Profile

    Prof. Christoffersen has analyzed a wide range of problems in ethics and philosophy of religion from a hermeneutical and phenomenological point of view, especially with regard to the foundation of ethics, medical ethics/health care ethics, animal ethics, professional ethics, and aesthetics of religion. In his writing he has (among others) dealt with Søren Kierkegaard, Martin Luther, Knud E. Løgstrup, Rudolf Bultman and Gerhard Ebeling. He is conducting the research project “Sensibility and Transcendence: The Holy and the Sublime in the Perspective of the Aesthetics of Religion”.

    Teaching Profile

    Prof. Christoffersen currently focuses on teaching Aesthetics of Religion and Professional ethics.

    Selected Publications

    “Art and Human Experience,” in: Transfiguration: Nordisk tidsskrift for kunst og kristendom, 2009.

    “Ambiguity and the Fullness of Time: The Sacred and the Profane in Caravaggio’s Paintings,” in: Negotiating Heritage: Memories of the Middle Ages.  Brepols, 2008.

    Sovereign Expressions of Life, Virtues and Actions: A Response to MacIntyre, in: S. Andersen/K. van Kooten Niekerk (ed.s),  Concern for the Other. Perspectives on the Ethics of K.E.Løgstrup.  University of Notre Dame Press, 2008.

    The works of faith in a Christian ethics, vol. I:  Lidenskab og stringens.  Forlaget ANIS, 2008.

    “Behold the World! Critique of Modernity in the Aesthetics of K.E.Løgstrup,” in: Transfiguration: Nordisk tidsskrift for kunst og kristendom, 2007.

    “The Contribution of Feminism to Christian Ethics,” in: C.-H. Grenholm (ed.),  Feminist Ethics. Uppsala Universitet, 2008.



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