Prof. Joseph Lienhard, S.J.Professor of Theology, Dr. theol. habil.


    Professor Lienhard focuses on Greek and Latin patristics, particularly Origen, Augustine, fourth-century Trinitarian theology, and patristic exegesis. In addition to patristics and Trinitarian theology, Professor Lienhard studies Paulinus of Nola and early western monasticism; Marcellus of Ancyra and fourth-century theology; the patristic exegesis of the Pentateuch; and Augustine’s writings on the Old Testament.


    Recent courses include St. Augustine of Hippo. Professor Lienhard has taught Augustine at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has offered surveys of the history of Christianity as well as electives on patristic thought and the Desert Fathers. In addition to teaching at Fordham, Professor Lienhard occasionally teaches Catholic seminarians at St. Joseph’s Seminary, in the Archdiocese of New York.

    Select Publications

    (Ed. and trans.) Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. In collaboration with Ronnie J. Rombs. Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture 3. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, and Leister, Engl.: Inter-Varsity, 2001. Pp. xxxi + 382. CD-ROM: Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, 1 (2005). Also published in Chinese, Italian, Russian, and Spanish translations.

    “Augustine of Hippo, Basil of Caesarea, and Gregory Nazianzen.” Orthodox Readings of Augustine, ed. George E. Demacopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou, 81–99. Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2008. Also published in Spanish: Augustinus 53 (2008): 127–40.

    (Ed.) Benedict XVI, Pope. The Fathers of the Church: From Clement of Rome to Augustine of Hippo. A Giniger Book. Grand Rapids, MI and Cambridge, UK: William B. Eerdmans, 2009. Pp. x + 179.

    Tradition & the Rule of Faith in the Early Church: Essays in Honor of Joseph T. Lienhard, S.J. Ed. Ronnie J. Rombs and Alexander Y. Hwang. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2010. Pp. xvi + 351.

    “Augustine and the Filioque.” Tolle Lege: Essays on Augustine & on Medieval Philosophy in Honor of Roland J. Teske, SJ, ed. Richard C. Taylor, David Twetten, & Michael Wreen, 137–54. Milwaukee: Marquette University Press, 2011. Also published in Spanish: Augustinus 56 (2011): 131–44.



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