Prof. Aristotle PapanikolaouArchbishop Demetrios Chair in Orthodox Theology and Culture, Ph.D., (Fordham University)


    Professor Papanikolaou’s areas of expertise are Eastern Orthodox theology, Trinitarian theology, and religion in public life, developing an expertise on the relation between theological anthropology and virtue ethics. His on-going research interests include contemporary Orthodox theology (nineteenth and twentieth centuries) and Trinitarian theology. His current research agenda relates to theological anthropology. He was awarded a Sabbatical Grant for Researchers from the Louisville Institute for his project The Ascetics of War, which explores the relevancy of the Eastern Orthodox notion of virtue and the role of truth-telling for undoing the affective effects of war on the human person.


    Current courses include Honors Theology and Trinitarian theology. Professor Papanikolaou teaches in the undergraduate honors program, regularly offers the required first-year Theology course “Faith and Critical Reason”, and has taught the history of modern Christianity. He offers graduate seminars on a variety of aspects of contemporary theology.

    Select Publications

    The Mystical as Political: Democracy and Non-Radical Orthodoxy (Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2012).

    “Contemporary Orthodox Currents on the Trinity,” Oxford Handbook on the Trinity, eds. Gilles Emery OP and Matthew Levering (Oxford University Press, 2011), 328-38.

    “Integrating the ascetical and the eucharistic: current challenges in Orthodox ecclesiology,” International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 11:2 (2011): 173-87.

    Being with God: Trinity, Apophaticism, and Divine-Human Communion (Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2006).

    “Liberating Eros: Confession and Desire,” The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 26:1 (Spring/Summer 2006): 115-36.



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