Prof. Johannes SmitProfessor of Ecclesiology (Church Law)

    Research Profile

    Prof. Smit’s research focuses on the position of clergy, especially the minister of religion’s juridical position in the so-called neutral or impartial state, as seen mainly by the church. His research themes also include the church’s juridical position in modern society and the implications of International Human Rights Instruments for the church. He is a member of the South African Society of Church Polity.

    Teaching Profile

    Prof. Smit is currently serving in the ministry and continuing with his research as extraordinary senior lecturer of the Faculty of Theology of the North-West University.

    Selected Publications

    “Kerklike inspraak in teologiese opleiding en in die beoefening van teologie?” In die Skriflig, Fokus, 35:1 (2001): 129-140.

    “Die predikant – ‘n werknemer van die kerkraad?” Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif 45:1/2 (2004): 88-98.

    “Die kerk se regsposisie in Suid-Afrika in die lig van godsdiensvryheid – gereformeerd-kerkregtelik gesien,” Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif 47:3/4 (2006): 633-651.

    “Is die beroepsbrief aan ‘n predikant in die GKSA ‘n kontraktuele werkaanbod van ‘n gemeente,” In die Skriflig 41:4 (2007).



    North-West University, (Potchefstroomcampus).

    Reformed Churches in SA
    C/O Postma & Van Alphenstreet, Rustenburg

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