Prof. Herry F. van RooyProfessor emeritus

    Research Profile

    Prof. van Rooy’s research focuses on Ezekiel, the Peshitta (especially Ezekiel and the Psalms), and the New English annotated Translation of the Peshitta Ezekiel.

    Teaching Profile

    The Old Testament Prophets, Wisdom and Poetic Literature and Syriac language and Literature.
    Seminars: Old Testament Textual Criticism, Ezekiel and the Peshitta.

    Selected Publications

    “Studies on the Syriac Apocryphal Psalms,” Journal of Semitic Studies. Supplement 7 (1999).

    “Past, Present, Future. The Deuteronomistic History and the Prophets,” (ed.). Oudtestamentiche Studiën  44 (2000).

    “Psalm 154:14 and the Relation between the Hebrew and Syriac Versions of Psalm 154,” Journal of Biblical Literature 116:2 (1997): 321-324.

    “The marginal notes to the Syriac Apocryphal Psalms in manuscript 12t4,” Vetus Testamentum 48:4 (1998): 542-554.

    “Psalm 151 in three Syriac Psalm Commentaries,” Die Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 112 (2000): 612-623.

    “The headings of the Psalms in the Dead Sea Scrolls,” Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages 28:2 (2002): 151-170.

    “The Text of the Psalms in the Shorter Syriac Commentary of Athanasius”, in Van Peursen, WT & Ter Haar Romeney, RB, eds. Text, Translation and Tradition. Studies on the Peshitta and its Use in the Syriac Tradition. Presented to Konrad D Jenner on the Occasion of his Sixty Fifth Birthday. Monographs of the Peshitta Institute Leiden 14. (2006): 165-175.

    “Translation technique and translating a translation, with special reference to Ezekiel 8-11,” Aramaic Studies 5:2 (2007): 61-72.



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