Prof. Andries le R. du PlooyDean: Faculty of Theology

    Research Profile

    Prof. du Plooy’s research focuses on the church and the Kingdom of God, unity and diversity within a specific country and across the boundaries of race, language and ethnic groups. Recently he has focused more on the church-state relation, paying specific attention to the constitution and the church order.

    Teaching Profile

    Reformed church polity, concepts of church polity and the history of church polity as well as different systems in church polity, ecumenical relations and bodies, and the church order of the Reformation (1618-19).

    Selected Publications

    “‘n Kerkregtelike verkenning vand die belewing van kerklik eenheid in en oor volks- en taalgrense,” In die Skriflig 24:3 (1990): 227-24.

    “Calvyn oor die koninkryk van God en die staat,” Hervormde Teologiese Studies 48:3/4 (1992): 759-771.

    “The foundation and relevance of reformed church polity as a theological science,” Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae 23:1/2 (1997): 169-198.

    “Die betekenis van charisma en amp vir die kerkregering,” In die Skriflig. 39:3 (2005): 555-567.

    “Kerkorde en Grondwet – In die lig van God se Koninkryk,” Nederduitse gereformeerde teologiese tydskrif (2008).

    “Kritiese analise,” In die Skriflig (2008).

    “Ratifikasiereg volgens die Gereformeerde kerkreg,” Hervormde Teologiese Studies (2008).

    “Reëling van die Gereformeerde predikant se diens – ‘arbeidsregtelike of ‘n interne kerklike aangeleentheid,” In die Skriflig (2008).



    Theological Seminary of the Reformed Churches of South Africa,
    2531 Potchefstroom, South Africa

    Phone: +27 18 299 1845
    Fax: +27 18 294 8952


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