Prof. Nico VorsterResearch Professor in Systematic Theology

    Research Profile

    Nico Vorster is Professor in Systematic Theology at the Faculty of Theology, Northwest University, South Africa. His studies focus on theological anthropology and social ethics. Vorster is interested in Christian anthropology from a Reformed perspective and his research focuses on themes such as human rights, the relation between church and state, as well as human dignity, freedom and equality. He deals with these issues against the background of the new political dispensation in South Africa and the new challenges that South Africa faces.

    Teaching Profile

    Teaching includes courses on Science Theory and Introduction to Theology. The aim of these courses are to investigate the nature of science, the influence that philosophical trends in history have had on Christianity, the nature of theology as a science and the main premises of different theological traditions.

    Selected Publications

    Killing from a distance. A Christian-ethical evaluation of CIA targeted drone killings. Heythrop Journal 2015, Wiley Online.

    ‘United but not confused’: Calvin’s anthropology as hermeneutical key to understanding his societal doctrine. Journal of Church and State 2014,

    Christianity and secularization in South Africa.  Probing the possible link between modernisation and secularization. Studies in World Christianity 19.2 (2013): 141-161.

    Created in the image of God.  Understanding God’s relationship with humanity.  Princeton Theological Series.  Oregon, Arizona: Pickwick 2001.

    “Restoring human dignity in South Africa. Christian anthropology in a new dispensation,” Potchefstroomse Teologiese Publikasie (2007).

    “Human dignity and sexual morality – a theological perspective,” Verbum et Ecclesia 26:3 (2006): 891-911.

    “Transformation in South Africa and the kingdom of God,” Hervormde Teologiese Studies 62:2 (2006): 731-753.

    “Preventing genocide. The role of the church,” The Scottish Journal of Theology 59:4 (2006): 375-394.



    Theological Faculty
    Northwest University
    Molenstreet, 2531
    South Africa.


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