Prof. Hee-Cheon OhProfessor of Philosophy

    Research Profile

    Metaphysic, Modern philosophy, I. Kant, F. Hegel, M. Heidegger

    Teaching Profile

    Introduction to Philosophy, Basic Concepts of Philosophy, Logic

    Selected Publications

    Ontologische Differenz und der Anfang des Wissens, 2001 (German).

    Western Philosophy in one Book, 2011 (Korean).

    Formal Logics and logical Writing, 2007 (Korean).

    The Meaning of Being, 2012 (Korean)

    Korean Translations

    Klaus Ebert, Thomas Muenzer, 1993 (German to Korean).

    M. J. Borg & J. D. Crossan, The Last Week, 2007 (English to Korean).

    Hermann Hesse, Ueber das Glueck, 2009 (German to Korean).

    Joseph Ratzinger, Der Gott Jesu Christi, 2005 (German to Korean).




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