Prof. Sung-Hyun OhProfessor of Christian Ethics

    Research Profile

    Theological Ethics, Social Ethics, Bioethics, Karl Barth, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Modern Theology

    Teaching Profile

    Human and Ethics, Introduction to Christian Ethics, Bioethics, Sexual Ethics, Ministry Ethics, History of Christian Ethical Thought, Modern Theology

    Selected Publications

    Karl Barth and Friedrich Schleiermacher, 2005 (German), 2008 (Korean)

    KEHC Sermon Handbook, 2013 (Korean)

    Korean Translations: Hermann Fischer, Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher, 2007; Wolfhart Pannenberg, Grundlagen der Ethik, 2007; Richard Grunow, Barth Brevier, 2009; Henry H. Halley, Halley’s Bible Handbook, 2010; Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ethik, 2010; Michael Welker, Gottes Offenbarung, 2015.

    “Young Barth and Schleiermacher“ 2005

    “Opposition of Barth and Schleiermacher“ 2006

    “Reception of Karl Barth’s Pneumatology in Korea” 2006

    “Philosophical and Theological Characters of Schleiermacher’s Christian Ethics” 2007

    “Karl Barth’s Theological Ethics: Gospel and Law” 2007

    “Ethics of Faith by Martin Luther” 2009

    “Ethical Movements in Modern Korean Evangelicalism” 2010

    “Christian Spirituality and Bioethics” 2011

    “The Spirituality and Ethics of Martyrdom” 2012

    “Sexual Discourse in the Aging Era of Korea” 2013




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