Prof. Chul-Ho YounProfessor of Systematic Theology

    Research Profile

    Ecumenical Theology, Philosophical Theology,  Hermeneutics, Theology and Sermon, Modern Theology, Trinity,

    Teaching Profile

    Introduction to Systematic Theology, Christology, Christian Epistemology and Hermeneutics, Philosophical Theology, Modern Theology, Biblical Theology, Homiletics

    Selected Publications

    Jesus Christ Vol. 2 (1998) (Korean)

    Bible-Theology-Sermon: Systemic Theology Written in the Form of Sermon(2000) (Korean)

    Jesus Christ Vol. 1revised edition (2003) (Korean)

    Modern Theology and Modern Reformation Theology (2003) (Korean)

    Holistic Theology .(Joint Author)(2004) (Korean)

    Practical Theology for the Kingdom of God and Korean Church in the 21th Century (2006) (Korean)

    God in the Relationship with the World (2006) (Korean)

    Trust and Suspicion: Holistic postmodern Christian Hermeneutics (2007) (Korean)

    Theology and the Word (2008) (Korean)




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