Prof. Hae-Yong YouProfessor of Spirituality

    Research Profile

    Christian theology, Spiritual Theology, Prayer Training, Psychology

    Teaching Profile

    Psychology and Spiritual Training, Spirituality and Psychology, Spiritual theology, Bible and Prayer, Theology of Prayer

    Selected Publications

    “Understanding of Collaborative Spirituality: in the perspective of whole humanity”, Kingdom of God and Mission–Collective papers commemorating honorary president, Dr. Suh, Jung Woon(2001)

    “Julian of Norwich’s Spiritual Attitude toward Devotion to the Humanity of Jesus Christ: the Suffering Christ on the Cross in the Showings”, Korea Presbyterian Journal of Theology(2002)

    “The necessity of spiritual training and practical suggestions “, Journal of PCTS, Vol. 18,(2002)

    “Study on the correlation between spirituality and holy spirit“, General Counseling and Pastoral Counseling, (2003)

    “The Spirituality Legacy of Henry Nouwen “, LaNoue, Deirdre, (2004), Translated

    “How are human beings made in spirituality: in the prospect of Van Kaam’s Formative Spirituality”, Church and Theology, (2004) (Korean)

    Experiencing God and Spiritual Training(1999) (Korean)

    Experiencing Prayer and Spiritual Training (2007) (Korean)




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