Prof. Dirkie J. SmitProfessor of Systematic Theology

    Research Profile

    Prof. Smit’s research interest is in contemporary ecumenical systematic theology, particularly from a Reformed perspective. Topics include the role of the Bible in Christian faith and doctrine; the relationship between doctrine, worship and ethics; implications of the faith for Christian life; the nature and calling of the church; and so-called public theology (together with several colleagues, including Koopman and Vosloo). He has been dealing with these themes against the backdrop of recent South African history and the contemporary challenges facing the church in South Africa.

    Teaching Profile

    Graduate teaching is done with a view to theological education for the ministry (in Protestant churches) and on postgraduate levels students are free to pursue their own specific research interests. Postgraduate students in systematic theology include many students from several countries in Africa and from outside the continent.

    Selected Publications

    “No Ulterior Motive – and Public Theology?” in E. A. J. G. van der Borght, ed. Religion without Ulterior Motive: Studies in Reformed Theology 1, Leiden: Brill, 2006: 21-45.

    “On Social and Economic Justice in South Africa Today: A Theological Perspective on Theoretical Paradigms,” in A. J. van der Walt, ed. Theories of Social and Economic Justice. Stellenbosch: Sun Press, 2005: 225-238.

    “On Adventures and Misfortunes: More Stories about Reformed Theology in South Africa,” Studies in Reformed Theology (2004): 208-235.

    “On the Impact of the Church in South Africa after the Collapse of the Apartheid Regime,” in: K. Bediako et al, eds. A New Day Dawning: African Christians Living the Gospel. Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum, 2004: 128-149.

    “Ecumenical Hermeneutics? Historical Benchmarks and Current Challenges of a Concept,” in A. Fröchtling/N. Phaswana, ed. Being (the Church) beyond the South-North-Divide: Identities, Othernesses and Embodied Hermeneutics … Münster: LIT, 2003: 23-48.



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