Prof. Robert R. VoslooProfessor of Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology (Church History)

    Research Profile

    Prof. Vosloo’s research interests focus on themes like the notion of hospitality, Trinitarian theology, the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, South African church history (with special focus on the reception of theologians like Calvin and Bonhoeffer in South Africa), and issues dealing with memory and historiography.

    Teaching Profile

    Teaching includes courses on Reformation History, 19th and 20th century Church History, Systematic Ecclesiology, Reformed Confessions and South African Church History.

    Selected Publications

    “Hospitality and Truth-Telling: Revisiting the Legacy of Beyers Naudé,” in L. Hansen/R. Vosloo, ed.  Oom Bey for the Future: Engagements with the Witness of Beyers Naudé. Stellenbosch: Sun Media, 2006: 129-136.

    “Body and Health in the Light of the Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer,”  Religion and Theology 13 (2006): 23-37.

    “Archiving Otherwise: Some Remarks on Memory and Historical Responsibility,” Studia Historiae Ecclesiastica 30 (2005): 379-399.

    “Identity, Otherness and the Triune God: Theological Groundwork for an Ethic of Hospitality,”  Journal of Theology for Southern Africa (2004): 69-89.

    “Public Morality and the Need for an Ethos of Hospitality,” Scriptura (2003): 63-71.

    “The Gift of Participation: On the Triune God and the Moral Life,” Scriptura (2002): 93-103.

    “Reconciliation as the Embodiment of Memory and Hope,” Journal of Theology of Southern Africa 109 (2001): 25-40.

    “The Promise of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Theological Anthropology for Reconfiguring Holiness,” in: C. Gremmels/W. Huber, ed. Religion im Erbe: Dietrich Bonhoeffer und die Zukunftsfähigkeit des Christentums. Güterloh: Kaiser, 2002: 125-143.



    Theology Faculty
    Stellenbosch University
    171 Dorp Street
    7600 Stellenbosch, South Africa


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