Prof. Agustín FuentesProfessor of Anthropology

    Research Profile

    Prof. Fuentes specializes in biological anthropology, primatology and evolution of social organization and behavior, and human evolution. His current research focuses on cooperation, community, and niche construction in human evolution, ethnoprimatology and multispecies anthropology, evolutionary theory, and public perceptions of, and interdisciplinary approaches to, human nature(s).

    Teaching Profile

    Graduate: Orientations to Biological Anthropology & Research Design in Anthropology; Undergraduate: “Primate Behavior and Ecology”, “Introduction to Anthropology”, “Topics in Human Evolution”, “Genes, People and the Environment”, “Anthropology of Human Sexuality”, and “Race and Racism”.

    Selected Publications

    Human evolution, niche complexity, and the emergence of a distinctively human imagination. Time and Mind 7.3 (2014): 241-257.

    Deane-Drummond, C. and Fuentes, A (2014) ‘Human Being and Becoming: Situating Theological Anthropology in Interspecies Relationships in an Evolutionary Context’. Philosophy, Theology and the Sciences 1(3): 251–275.

    ‘Hyper-cooperation is deep in our evolutionary history and individual perception of belief matters’. Religion, Brain & Behavior 4.3 (2014): 19-25.

    ‘Evolutionary perspectives and transdisciplinary intersections: A roadmap to generative areas of overlap in discussing human nature’. Theology and Science 11.2 (2013): 106–129.

    Race, Monogamy and other lies they told you: busting myths about human nature. University of California Press 2012.

    ‘Humans as Niche Constructors, as Primates, and with Primates: Synergies for Anthropology in the Anthropocene’. Cambridge Anthropology 30.2 (2012): 140-144.

    Biological Anthropology: concepts and connections 2e. McGraw-Hill Publishing Company 2011.

    ‘The New Biological Anthropology: Bringing Washburn’s New Physical Anthropology into 2010 and beyond’. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology 53 (2010):2-12.

    Evolution of Human Behavior. Oxford University Press 2009.

    Core Concepts in Biological Anthropology. McGraw-Hill Publishing Company 2006.



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