Prof. Gerald McKennyProfessor of Theology, Moral Theology/Christian Ethic

    Research Profile

    Prof. McKenny’s teaching and writing focus on Christian ethics, the ethics of biotechnology, and biomedical ethics.

    Teaching Profile

    Theological ethics, political theology, biomedical ethics

    Selected Publications

    Darwin in the Twenty-first Century: Nature, Humanity, and God, edited by Phillip R. Sloan, Gerald McKenny, and Kathleen K. Eggleson, University of Notre Dame Press, 2015).

    “Biotechnology and the Normative Significance of Human Nature: A Contribution from Theological Anthropology,” Studies in Christian Ethics 26 (2013): 18-36.

    “Transcendence, Technological Enhancement, and Christian Theology,” in Transhumanism and Transcendence: Christian Hope in an Age of Technological Enhancement, edited by Ronald Cole-Turner, Georgetown University Press, 2011, pp. 177-92.

    The Analogy of Grace: Karl Barth’s Moral Theology, Oxford University Press, 2010.

    “Nature as Given, Nature as Guide, Nature as Natural Kinds: Return to Nature in the Ethics of Human Biotechnology,” in Without Nature? A New Condition for Theology, edited by David Albertson & Cabell King, Fordham University Press, 2009, pp. 152-77.

    “Moral Disagreement and the Limits of Reason: Reflections on MacIntyre and Ratzinger,” in Intractable Disputes about the Natural Law: Alasdair MacIntyre and Critics, edited by Lawrence Cunningham, University of Notre Dame Press, 2009, pp. 195-226.

    Altering Nature, vol. 1: Concepts of ‘Nature’ and the ‘Natural’ in Biotechnology Debates, and vol. 2: Religion, Biotechnology, and Public Policy, edited by Baruch A. Brody, B. Andrew Lustig, & Gerald P. McKenny (New York: Springer Science Press, 2008).

    “Genre and Persuasion in Religious Ethics: An Introduction,” Journal of Religious Ethics 33 (2005): 397-407.

    “Technologies of Desire: Theology, Ethics and the Enhancement of Human Traits,” Theology Today 59 (2002): 90-103.

    To Relieve the Human Condition: Bioethics, Technology, and the Body, State University of New York Press, 1997 (Choice Outstanding Book, 1998).



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