Dr. Sipho MahokotoSenior lecturer

    Research Profile

    My current research focus in on the unity of the church, especially the unity between the Dutch Reformed family of churches in South Africa. I’m also working on the internal unity of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa, since the Synod of this church requested that more research be done in helping the church in dealing with the lack of unity within itself. For years until this day, I’m involved with national church leaders’ work on the prophetic and public role of the church in South Africa. My research also focus on ethical themes of racism, reconciliation, justice, unity, and religious leaders and mining industry day of courageous conversation.

    Teaching Profile

    Introduction to Systematic Theology; Systematic Theology – Human Dignity Course; Pneumatology and Ecclesiology; Modern and Contemporary Theology; Contemporary Confessions

    Selected Publications

    Human Dignity and Church Re-Unification in the Family of Dutch Reformed Churches

    Is there any hope for church unity? Some perspectives on the causes of the reformed churches split since reformation and its impact on church unity debates today

    Is the voice of the Church compromised in South Africa?

    The mission of the Dutch Reformed Church as mission for colonization and the unity of the church and the reality of division in South Africa since 1652-1982

    Police and Armed Forces. In: African Public Theology


    Stellenbosch University
    Faculty of Theology
    171 Dorp Street
    Room 2006

    Phone: +27218089909
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    Email: ssmahokoto@sun.ac.za
    Homepage: http://www.sun.ac.za/english/faculty/theology/Pages/Systematic-Theology—Ecclesiology.aspx


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