Dr. Yen-Yi LeeAssistant Professor

    Research Profile

    One of the two main interests of my research over the past few years has been philosophy of religion, especially religious pluralism. I have published many papers or journal articles based on my understanding of John Hick’s works and of the related studies on religious pluralism and interreligious dialogue. Additionally, I have also tried to use Hick’s pluralism as one of the theoretical resources for me to discuss some religious issues. The other interest over the past few years has been Confucianism, especially its modern development and interaction with the West. I have worked on the thoughts of prominent New Confucian scholars such as Tang Chun-I and Mou Tsung-san, and have already published some relevant articles.

    Teaching Profile

    The Philosophy of Xunzi; Philosophy of Religion; Philosophy of Education

    Selected Publications

    2020.12. Considering the Feasibility of Promoting Religious Education in Taiwan’s Twelve-Year Basic Education from the Perspectives of Religious Pluralism and Multicultural Education. Taiwan Journal of Religious Studies 19(2): 31-69

    2020.08. The Narrative of the Junzi as an Exemplar in Classical Confucianism and its Implications for Moral and Character Education, Educational Philosophy and Theory (doi: 10.1080/00131857.2020.1806051)

    2019.11. Discourse on “Interreligious Dialogue” in the Perspective of Contemporary Chinese Neo-Scholasticism: An Approach Based on Prof. Vincent T. Shen’s Model of “Mutual Strangification,” Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture (Universitas), 46(11), 141-163.

    2018.09. Integrative Ethical Education: Narvaez’s Project and Xunzi’s Insight, Educational Philosophy and Theory, 50(13), 1203-1213. (doi: 10.1080/00131857.2018.1502662)

    2017.10. The Religious Dimension of Mencius and Xunzi’s Thoughts, Comparative Philosophy: East and West, 5, 164-187.

    2017.05. Rethinking the Inception and the Development of John Hick’s Philosophy of Religion in the First and Second Version of His Faith and Knowledge, Journal for the Study of Christian Culture, 37, 112-132.

    2016.12. Understanding the Concept of Tian and Di in the Classic of Poetry and the Book of Documents in Light of Martin Heidegger’s “Formal Indication, Chinese Hermeneutics, 13, 258-270.

    2016.01. Considering the Prospective of John Hick’s Religious Pluralism in Light of Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy, Religion and Philosophy, 5, pp.70-98. Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press.

    2015.03. The Logic of the Discovery of Religion in the Perspective of a Modern Interpretation of the Confucian proposition of “the Li is one but its manifestations are many (li-yi-fen-shu),” Journal of Chinese Language and Literature of National Taipei University, 17, 53-68.

    2015.02. John Hick’s Religious Pluralism and Its Problems, Religion and Philosophy, 4, 280-305. Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press.


    Email: austen0329@yahoo.com.tw
    Website: https://in.ncu.edu.tw/~phi/teachers/lyy/index.html

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