Prof. Anita CloeteLecturer/Researcher

    Research Profile

    My research focus developed into three key areas namely Youth ministry within the congregational context, Education and Technology and Religion and Media. I focused on spiritual formation of youth and critically engaged with approaches in youth ministry like the inclusive congregational approach, intergenerational approach and the family approach. Within the focus on Technology and education I specifically dissect the nature of technology and the social embeddedness thereof by utilising theories like mediatisation, development of technology as a revolution and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Regarding Religion and media I zoom in on Film as a specific medium and how that as culture product has the potential to fulfill some religious functions and in a broader sense I reintroduce the discussion between theology ( practical theology) and popular culture.

    Teaching Profile

    Theological foundation of Youth work/ministry; Youth culture; Faith formation; Group work within congregational and community context

    Selected Publications

    Cloete, Al., 2012. Spiritual formation as focus of Youth ministry. NGTT (Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif) 53 (3 &4).

    5. Cloete, A., 2013. Social cohesion and Social Capital: Possible implications for the common good. Verbum et Ecclesia. 35 (3) 1-6.

    Cloete, A.l., 2015 . Creative Tensions in Youth ministry in a congregational context.Theological Studies,HTS. . 71 (2).

    Cloete, A.l., 2017. Technology and Education: Opportunities and Challenges. HTS Theological Studies. 73(4) 1-7.

    Cloete, A. 2016. Mediated Religion: Implications for religious authority. Verbum et Ecclesia.37 (1) 1-6.

    Cloete, A., 2017. Film as medium for meaning making: A Practical Theological reflection. HTS Theological Studies. 73(3) 1-7.

    Cloete, A., 2019. Unstoppable: A critical reflection on the socio-economic embeddedness of technology and the implications for the human agenda. HTS Theological Studies. 75 (2) 1-8.

    Cloete, A., 2019. Interdisciplinary Reflections on the Interplay between: Religion, Film and Youth. (ed). Sun Press: Stellenbosch.

    Cloete, A., 2020. Living in a Digital Culture: The Need for Theological Reflection. Ecumenical Review: World Council of Churches.


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