Prof. Seong-Hyuk HongProfessor of Old Testament

    Research Profile

    Prophetic Literature, Prophetic Eschatology, History, Literature, and Theology of the Exilic and Post-Exilic Period, Child Sacrifice in Hosea, Social Dimension of Illness and Healing

    Teaching Profile

    Prophetic Literature, Prophetic Eschatology, Old Testament Theology, Old Testament Exegesis, Social-Scientific, Socio-Rhetorical Methods

    Selected Publications


    The Prophet Hosea Cherishing the Ideal of the Wilderness Period (2011)

    The Metaphor of Illness and Healing in Hosea and Its Significance in the Socio-Economic Context of Eighth-Century Israel and Judah (2006)

    Translations (Korean)

    D. S. Russell. Divine Disclosure: An Introduction to Jewish Apocalyptic (2012)

    M. L. Chaney. Biblical Israel through an Agarian Lens: Essays on Religion and Society in Old Testament History, Literature and Interpretation (2007)


    “Divine Healing in the Prophetic Literature and Its Theological Significance.” (2016)

    “Shalom in the Messianic Prophetic Texts.” (2015)

    “Apocalyptic Eschatology in Joel 4 and Its Function.” (2014)

    “Expectation of God’s Universal Rule and Justice in Psalm 82.” (2010)

    “The Universal Rule of God in Judgment and Restoration in Isaiah 6.” (2009)

    “The Concept of Illness in the Old Testament: Focused on the Etiology of Illness.” (2006)




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