Prof. Meehyun ChungProfessor of Systematic Theology, United Graduate School of Theology

    Meehyun Chung is a reverend of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK). She studied German Literature, Philosophy and Protestant Theology in Seoul. In 1993 she received a doctor’s degree in Basel, her thesis being on Karl Barth, Josef Lukl Hromadka and Korea. In 2006 she was awarded the Karl-Barth prize of the Union of Protestant Churches within the EKD for her doctoral thesis and other articles. She received Marga Bührig Award 2013 and named one of ten key Reformed theologians by the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) in 2017.  She worked as the head of the Women and Gender Desk at mission 21, Protestant Mission Basel, Switzerland between Jan. 2005 and Feb. 2013. She served as Vice president for Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians. (EATWOT) and also as a member of Alumni board of University of Basel.

    Currently she teaches as professor of systematic Theology United Graduate School of Theology at Yonsei University and is serving as Dean of Chaplaincy. She is leading as Director of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Center of Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea. Ecumenically she is engaged as the moderator of the Commission for Ecumenical Education and Formation (EEF) of World Council of Churches

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    Some Major Academic Publications


    1. “The Work of Oliver R. Avison in Comparison to that of Albert Schweitzer from a Post-Colonial Perspective,” Yonsei Med J12 (2020.12.1), 991-996.
    2. “Her Name Was Lillias Horton Underwood: Revisiting Her Multi-Dimensional Works,” International Review of Mission, 109(1):2020, 56-71.
    3. “Inquiry of Pentecostalism Regarding Pneumatology: A Theological Suggestion of a Feminist Perspective,”  International Review of Mission1(406)2018.
    4. “Karl Barth and Korean Theology, Past and Present,” Karl Barth and Liberation Theology, Paul Dafydd Jones and Kaitlyn Dugan (London:T&T Clark 2022), 85-98.

    (translation into Korean)

    1. D. Sölle, Es muss  doch mehr als alles geben, Seoul 2000.
    2. D. Sölle, Mystik und Widerstand. Du stilles Geschrei, Seoul 2007.


    1. Meehyun Chung, ed.) Breaking Silence-Theology from Asian Women, (India: ISPCK), 2006.
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    3. Meehyun Chung/R. Jansen, eds.), Reconciliation and Transformation, (Basel: Reinhardt Verlag), 2009.
    4. Meehyun Chung, ed.), Voices from West African Women, (India: ISPCK), 2010.
    5. Meehyun Chung, ed.) Basic Income in Korea and Beyond. Social, Economic, and Theological Perspectives

    (Cham: Palgrave Macmillan), 2023.


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