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    I carry out research on the relationship between the Hebrew Bible, colonial monotheism, discrimination, intolerance and violence. I seek to support the construction of spiritualities and practices which, without abandoning their Judeo-Christian monotheistic identity, can nevertheless overcome the imperialist, exclusivist, homogenizing and intolerant character embedded in many of the ways of understanding the divinity and living the Christian Jewish faith today. And in the same line I carry out research in the field of Bible Translation with the aim of stimulating exchange and discussion between translators and translators of the Bible and academic and critical reflection on the act of Bible translation; especially from the challenges posed by the new configurations of the history of Israel and the history of Bible writing presented by archaeology in recent decades; highlighting the intercultural and inter-religious complexity of exegesis and the translation of the Bible, discussing colonialist, prejudiced, intolerant and violent theological and other problems encountered in some of the existing translations.


    History of the institution of monotheism in Israel; Pentateuch, History of Ancient Israel and History of the Bible; Archaeology and History of Ancient Israel; Biblical monotheism, violence in the name of God and Human Rights; Bible Translation, Violence and Human Rights.


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    Dietrich, Luiz José, Angela Natel, Tammy Bennatto Hoffmann. “Como as traduções Bíblicas sequestraram a Deusa Asherá e desmoralizaram suas sacerdotisas e os seus sacerdotes”(“How the Bible translations kidnapped the Goddess Asherah and demoralized her priestesses and her priests”), In: Asherah a Deusa de Israel (Asherah, the Goddess of Israel), edited by Luiz Alexandre Solano Rossi, 157-192. São Paulo: Fonge Editorial, 2020.

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    Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná – PUCPR
    Phone: +554132711359



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