Prof. Dr. Botond GaálProfessor of Christian Dogmatics

    Research Profile

    Theology as „science” of the church; Ecclesiology; Scientific legacy of John Calvin and Karl Barth; Historic development of exact sciences from a Christian viewpoint; Relationship between Christian theology and contemporary sciences; Theological significance of Thomas F. Torrance; Christian impact on European civilization; Reformed heritage in Hungary

    Teaching Profile

    Christian dogmatics from the viewpoint of confessions; History of theology, sciences and philosophy

    Selected Publications

    The Truth of Reason and the Reality of the World. Historic Development of Exact Sciences from a Christian Viewpoint. DRHE-Böszörményi Jenő Alapítvány, Debrecen, 2002. 13+188 pages.

    The Faith of a Scientist – James Clerk Maxwell. Monograph. DRHE – Hatvani István Theological Research Center, Debrecen, 2003. 91 pages.

    Opening up a Closed World. Appendix: Kálmán Kérdő: Nature, Description of Nature and Mathematics. DRHE – Hatvani István Theological Research Center, Debrecen, 2007. 138+32 pages.

    Calvin’s Truth” and „Hungarian Religion”: Remembering a Reformer. In: Sober, Strict, and Scriptural. Collective Memories of John Calvin, 1800-2000. Editors: Johan de Niet, Herman paul and Bart Wallet. Brill’s Series in Church History. Volume 38. Brill. Leiden, Boston, 2009. 97-124.

    A Universe Fine-Tuned for Intelligent Life. Perspectives, Journal of Reformed Thought, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, Volume 10., Number 10., p. 19-23. 1995/12.

    Fatelessness. A Christian Theologian’s Perspective of a Nobel-Prize Winner Novel. In: Szerk: Matthias Heesch, Thomas Kothmann, Craig L. Nessan. Glaube und Denken. Sonderband 2014. Theologie im Spannungsfeld von Kirche und Politik – Theology in Engagement with Church and Politics. Hans Schwarz zum 75. Geburtstag, Hans Schwarz on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday. Peter Lang Edition, Frankfurt am Main, 2014, 511-518.

    European Civilization from a Scientific and Technological Point of View. Philosophia Reformata, Amersfort, Holland, Vol. 66 (2001), No. 1. 66-69.


    Debrecen Reformed Theological University

    Department of Systematic Theology

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