Prof. Changhoon ParkProfessor of Church History

    Research Profile

    John and Charles Wesley, English Revivalism, Evangelicalism, Holiness Movement, Church Renewal Movement, Pietism, Reformation, Modern Korea History

    Teaching Profile

    Church History, Theology of John Wesley, Evangelicalism and Holiness Movement, History of 18 Century Revival Movement, History of Wesleyan Holiness Movement, History of Doctrine, Pietism

    Selected Publications


    John Wesley: Reading through Social Criticism (2014)

    John Wesley: Reading through Historical Criticism (2007)


    “Reformation and Politics” (2017)

    “John Wesley’s Oxford University Sermons: John Wesley as a Reformer” (2017)

    “Relief Activities for the Repatriates and Christianity: Focusing on the United States Military Government Period“ (2017)

    “The Korea Evangelical Holiness Church’s Search for Historical/Theological Identity” (2016)

    “Theology and the Revival Movement in John Wesley’s Journals” (2015)

    “Francis Asbury and John Wesley: conflict and Reconciliation” (2013)

    “Rev. Kyung-Chik Han and His Social Works” (2012)

    “Rethinking of John Wesley’s Social Holiness” (2011)




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