Rev. Professor Emeritus James Haire, ACProfessor Emeritus of Theology, Research Centre for Public and Contextual Theology (PACT)

    Research Profile

    Theology in Asia and the Pacific; Asian Inter-Religious Dialogue; Ecumenical Theology; Public Theology; Reformed Theology

    Teaching Profile

    Contextual Theology; Theology in Asia and the Pacific; Reformed Theology; Public Theology

    Selected Publications

    “Halmahera dan Pentingnya Teologi Kontekstual”, Chapter 11 in Liliane Mojau, Jerizal Petrus dan Sirayandris J Botara (eds.), Bertumbuh Bersama dalam Arus Zaman yang Terus Berubah. Jakarta: BPK Gunung Mulia, 2019, 229 -240

    “United and Uniting Churches”, Chapter 7, in Part 4 (“Instruments”), in Paul McPartlan and Geoffrey Wainwright, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Ecumenical Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press (OUP), 2018 / Oxford Handbooks Online, 2017

    “Christology in the Context of Indonesia: Opportunities and Limitations,” in: Mission Studies: Journal of the International Association for Mission Studies 32 (2015), 398 – 417

    “Australian Methodist Ecumenism,” in: Aldersgate Papers: Theological Journal of the Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research 11 (2015), 77 – 93

    “Őffentliche Theologie – ein rein westliche Angelegenheit? Őffentliche Theologie in der Praxis der Kirche in Asien,” Chapter III.2 in: Florian Höhne/Frederike van Oorschot (ed.s): Grundtexte Őffentliche Theologie. Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt, 2015, 153 – 171

    “Contextual Theology and Religious Discourse in Indonesia,” Chapter 8 in: Douglas J. Davies/Adam J. Powell (ed.s): Sacred Selves, Sacred Settings: Reflecting Hans Mol (Festschrift in honour of Hans Mol). Farnham, U. K. and Burlington, VT, U. S. A.: Ashgate, 2015, 145 – 163

    “Public Theology: Reflection on the Future of the Discourse,” Chapter 2 of Jesper Svartvik/Jakob Wirén (ed.s): Religious Stereotyping and Interreligious Relations. New York, NY, USA: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, 21 – 32

    “Towards a Theological Understanding of Peace in the Ecumenical Context of Asian Christianity”, Chapter in: Prakesh K. George (ed.): Swords into Ploughshares: Towards a Culture of Peace and Justice: Festschrift in honour of Rt.Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos. Delhi, India: ISPCK, 2012, 41 – 57

    “The Centrality of Contextual Theology for Christian Existence Today”, Chapter 2 of: Stephen B. Bevans/Katalina Tahaafe-Williams (ed.): Contextual Theology for the Twenty-First Century (Missional Church, Public Theology, World Christianity 1). Eugene, Oregon, USA: Pickwick Publications, 2011 / Cambridge, U K: James Clarke & Co., 2012, 18 – 37

    “The Search for Communities of Peace: An International Reflection on Christian – Muslim Relations,” in: L. Anceschi/J. A. Camilleri et al. (ed.s): Religion and Ethics in a Globalizing World: Conflict, Dialogue and Transformation. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, 175 – 190.



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