Prof. ZHANG ZhigangProfessor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

    Research Profile

    Theoretical Studies of Religion; Comparative Religion and Philosophy; Religions and Cultures; Christian Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion; Philosophy of History; Metaphysics

    Teaching Profile

    A. Lectures
    Introduction to Religious Studies; Introduction to the Study of “Religion and Culture”; Philosophy of Religion; Christian Philosophy; Hermeneutics of Religious Texts

    B. Seminars
    Readings of Religious Studies; Readings of Philosophy of Religion; Theoretical Studies of Religions: Key Issues and the Varieties of Methodology; Key Concepts in Religious Studies; the Main Issues in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion; Western Key Theologians of 20th Century; “Reason” and “Faith”; “Religion” and “Culture”

    Selected Publications

    Zhang Zhigang, ed., A Study of 20th Century Religious Views. Beijing, China: Peking University Press, 2007.

    Zhang Zhigang, ed., Companion to Religious Studies. Beijing, China: Peking University Press, 2005.

    A Study of Philosophy of Religion: Contemporary Views, Key Issues and Methodological Critique. Beijing, China: Renmin University of China Press, 2003.

    What Is Religious Studies? Beijing, China: Peking University Press, 2002.

    Hesitation of Reason: A Comparative Analysis of “Reason” in Contemporary Western Philosophy of Religion. Beijing, China: The Orient Press, 1997.

    Approach to the Holy: Issues and Methodology of Contemporary Religious Studies. Beijing, China: People’s Press, 1995.

    An Introduction to Studies of Religion – Culture. Beijing, China: People’s Press, 1993.

    Zhang Zhigang and Melville Y. Stewart, eds., East & West: Religious Ethics and other Essays, Proceedings of the Third Symposium of Chinese-American Philosophy and Religious Studies. Beijing, China: Central Compilation & Translation Press, 1997.

    Melville Y. Stewart and Zhang Zhigang, eds. The Symposium of Chinese-American Philosophy and Religious Studies, vol. 1, East & West Philosophy and Religion. San Francisco, CA: International Scholars Publications, 1998.

    Lou Yulie and Zhang Zhigang, eds., The History of the Exchanges Between Chinese and Foreign Religions. Changsha, China: Hunan Education Press, 1998.



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