Prof. Yury ZudovProfessor of Comparative Christian Theology

    Research Profile

    Contemporary Western Theology, History of Protestant Churches, History of Protestantism in Scandinavia, Ecumenical Studies, Religious Situation in Russia, Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement in Russia.

    Teaching Profile

    Comparative Christian Theology, Ecumenism, Classical Protestant Theology, Protestantism in the 20th Century, Contemporary Theological Issues, Russian Orthodox Theology in the 20th Century.

    Selected Publications

    (with M. Taganov) “Protestantism” in History of Religions (A Textbook). Moscow: Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2007.

    (with N. Bugai et al.) State Ethnic Policy and State – Church Relations in Russia in 2005. Vol. 1-2. Moscow: Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, 2006.

    “Denmark After the Reformation,” Orthodox Theological Encyclopedia. Vol. 15.

    “Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Contemporary Danish Society,” Severnaya Evropa 5 (2005): 213-225.

    “Lutheran Church in a Pluralistic Society: Danish Experience” Svecha 12 (2005): 103-133.

    “Genesis and Development of the Pentecostal Movement in Russia,” Annual Theological Conference of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University (2005): 101-115.



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