Prof. Yun-Ping SunProfessor and Director of the Graduate Institute of Philosophy

    Research and Teaching Profile

    Interested in boundary issues of philosophy, I have been teaching hermeneutics, phenomenology, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion, especially in possible dialogue between German and French philosophers. Aside from Heidegger, Husserl, Scheler, I offered seminars about Nietzsche, Cassirer, Ricoeur, Levinas, Merleau-Ponty, Derrida, etc. to compare the image of man in their philosophy. Recently I am interested in and studying Christian mysticism and spirituality.

    Selected Publications

    2004.6. Das Sinnsuchende Individuum. Heideggers Anliegen. Dissertation, digitally published, ( yun-ping-2004-06-21/HTML/)

    2004.8. Being and Freedom. Heidegger’s Comments on and Critiques of Kant’s View of Freedom. Soochow Journal of Philosophical Studies (10), P.145-177.

    2006.6. Metaphysical Freedom: The Influence of Schelling’s Writings about Freedom on Heidegger’s Concept of Freedom. Aletheia: Nanhua Journal of Philosophy (11), P.143-184.

    2007.7. The Different Types of Heidegger’s View of Freedom and Their Implications. NCCU Philosophical Journal (18), P.29-74.

    2009.7. The Early Heidegger’s View of Time. Aletheia: Nanhua Journal of Philosophy (17), P.47-82.

    2010.2. Contingency and Facticity: Heidegger’s Analysis of Dasein in Being and Time. Soochow Journal of Philosophical Studies (21), P.53-80.

    2011.7. Nietzsche’s Deconstruction of Metaphysics and Its Implications in Human, All Too Human. NCCU Philosophical Journal (26), P.61-96.

    2011.8. Text, Interpretation, Praxis: Ricoeur’s Hermeneutics in From Text To Action. Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture (470), P.21-39.

    2012.7. Globalization: Its Twin Threats to Cultures. In: Globalization Dynamics: Psychological, Economic, Technological, and Cultural – Volume I: Problems, Cultural Intercourse. Edited by Kuang-ming Wu. July, 2012. New York: Nova Publishers. P.103-118.

    2013.3. History and Life: Nietzsche’s Criticism of Historical Methodology and Teleology in Unfashionable Observations. NTU Philosophical Review (45), P.1-38.

    2013.7. The Narrative “Proof” of God’s Existence in Ricœur’s Hermeneutics. Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture (447), P.105-122.

    The Imposingly Fathomless—An Interpretation of Heidegger’s View of “Being” and “God”, in: Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture, 2016, 23-45.

    Man in Religion and Theology: Ricoeur’s Conception of Man, in: Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture, 2017, 25-43.

    “The Absolute” Eliminating all Contradictions: Cusanus’s View of God in Of Learned Ignorance, in: Thought and Words:Journal of the Humanities and Social Science, 2018, 287-323.

    The Fathomless Absolute ─ Tracing the Religious Philosophy of Heidegger’s Ontology: Master Eckhart, in: Taiwan Journal of Religious Studies, 2019, 18(1): 1-29.



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