Prof. Tarald RasmussenProfessor of Church History

    Research Profile

    Late Medieval and Early Modern Spirituality and Theology. Comparative Perspectives on North European Reformations. The uses of the Reformation in Nordic Protestantism in the 19th and 20th centuries. Currently leader of interdisciplinary research project ”Death in Early Modern Culture”, funded by the Norwegian Research Council (2010 – 2013).

    Teaching Profile

    Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Reformation. Theoretical and methodological challenges to Reformation History. Late Medieval and Early Modern Spirituality and Theology. Scandinavian Church History since the Reformation.

    Selected Publications

    with N. Gilje: Tankeliv i den lutherske stat, 1537 – 1814. Norsk idéhistorie bind 2, Oslo 2002.

    with G. Hestmark/L. Bliksrud: Vitenskapens utfordringer, 1870 – 1920. Norsk idéhisitorie bind 4, Oslo 2003.

    Luthers reformasjon. Hovedtekster 1517 – 1520. Oslo 2004.

    Frans av Assisi: Verdens hellige skrifter. Oslo 2005.

    “Bridging the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: Biblia Pauperum, Their Genre and Hermeneutical Significance,” in: M. Sæbø (ed.): Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: The History of its Interpretation, Vol. II, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2007.

    “Hell Disarmed? The Function of Hell in Reformation Spirituality,” in: Numen 56 (2009), 366–384.

    “The Biblical Canon of the Lutheran Reformation,” in: E. Thomassen (Ed.): Canon and Canonicity: Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2010, 143–158.

    “Nyere forskning i reformasjonshistorie,” in: A. Jarlert (ed.): Kyrkohistoria: Perspektiver på ett forskningsämne. Kungl Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien, Konferanser 70, Stockholm 2009, 31–44.

    “Luther som kjetter.” in: T. Hägg (ed): Kjetterne og kirken: Fra antikken til i dag. Oslo 2007, 123–140. (German edition 2010)

    “Kjetterrett i middelalderen,” in: R. Jensen/D. Thorkildsen/A. V. Tønnessen (ed.s): Kirke, protestantisme og samfunn: festskrift til professor dr. Ingun M. Montgomery, 2006, 15–26.



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