Prof. Susan A. RossProfessor Emerita

    Research Profile

    Feminist Theology; Theological Anthropology; Feminist Ethics

    Teaching Profile

    Reformation and Modern Christian Thought

    The Historical Development of Roman Catholic Theology

    Phenomenology of Religion

    Theological Anthropology

    The Sacramental Life of the Church

    Feminist Issues in Theology and Ethics

    Intellectual and Institutional Foundations of Women’s Studies, etc.

    Selected Publications

    “The Church as ‘Spotless Bride:’ A Feminist Critique of a Dangerous Metaphor,” in Daniel Minch and Christopher Cimorelli, eds. One Bread, One Body, One Church: The Ecclesia of Christ Today. Annua Nuntia Lovaniensia. (Peeters Press, forthcoming).

    “Feminist Theology and the Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis,” Theological Studies 80/3 (September 2019), 632-652; Spanish translation: “La teología feminista y la crisis de los abusos sexuales del clero,” in Selecciones de Teología (forthcoming)

    “Gender and Sacramental Theology,” in Martha Moore-Keish and James Farwell, eds., T&T Clark Handbook of Sacraments and Sacramentality (T & T Clark, forthcoming).

    For the Beauty of the Earth: Women, Sacramentality, and Justice. New York: Paulist Press, 2006.

    Extravagant Affections: A Feminist Sacramental Theology. New York: Continuum, 1998; paperback edition, 2001.

    Susan Ross and Maureen A. Tilley, eds., Broken and Whole: Essays on Religion and the Body. Washington, DC: University Press of America, 1995.

    Susan Ross, H. Haker and M.-T. Wacker, eds., Women’s Voices in World Religions. Concilium (2006).

    Bread and Roses: Women, Beauty, and Justice (forthcoming).

    “Christian Anthropology and Gender Essentialism: Classicism and Historical-Mindedness,” Concilium (1/2006), 43-50.

    “Women, Beauty, and Justice: Moving Beyond von Balthasar,” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 25 (2005), 79-98.





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