Prof. SHANG XinjianProfessor of Philosophy

    Research Profile

    History of Western philosophy, especially early modern philosophy, including Descartes, Bacon, Locke, Hume, etc.

    Since 2003, research about the Enlightenment and philosophy in Western Europe; American philosophy , especially classical pragmatism

    Comparative studies between Western and Chinese philosophy

    Translating Western philosophical writings from Western languages into Chinese

    Teaching Profile

    Lectures: An Introduction to the History of Western Philosophy; An Introduction to Contemporary Western Philosophy; The Enlightenment and Western Philosophy; Readings in Western Philosophy

    Seminars: Descartes’ Meditations; Rousseau’s Political Philosophy, Kant’s Philosophy; American Pragmatism; Readings in Contemporary Western Philosophy; Readings in Modern Western Philosophy

    Selected Publications

    Return to Self: Western Humanism and Anti-Humanism in the 20th Century. Beijing: Hua Xia Press, 2008.

    American Secularized Religion and the Radical Empiricism of William James. Shanghai: Shanghai Renmin Publishing House, 2002.

    Rethinking Bergson’s Philosophy. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2000.

    Descartes. Shijiazhuang: Hebei Renmin Publishing House, 1997.

    The Moral Spirit and the Modernization of Chinese Society. Beijing: Beijing Publishing House. (collaboration)

    Piaget’s Challenge. Beijing: Renmin Publishing House, 1988. (collaboration)



    Department of Philosophy
    Peking University,
    Beijing 100871, China
    Phone: (+86) 10-62751949

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