Prof. Rafael DomingoAdjunct Professor of Law and Francisco de Vitoria Senior Fellow, Emory University; Professor of Law and ICS Research Professor, University of Navarra, Spain

    Research Profile

    Ancient Roman law, European legal history, legal theory, law and religion, comparative law.

    Teaching Profile

    Ancient Roman Law, Legal Theory, Canon Law, Philosophy of International Law, European Legal History, Comparative Law.

    Selected Publication

    “The Dworkinian Religion of Value,” in Journal of Law and Religion 29.3, 2014, 526-534; “A Right to Religious and Moral Freedom? ” in International Journal of Constitutional Law 12, 2014, 226-247.

    “The Metalegal God,” in Ecclesiastical Law Journal 16.1, 2014, 147-167; “A New Global Paradigm for Religious Freedom,” in Journal of Church and State 56.3, 2014, 427-453.

    “Religion for Hedgehogs? A Critique against the Dworkinian Approach to Religious Freedom,” in Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 2.2, 2013, 371-392; “The New Global Human Community,” in Chicago Journal of International Law 13.1, 2012, 563-587.

    “Gaius, Vattel, and the New Global Law Paradigm,” in European Journal of International Law 22.3, 2011, 627-647; The New Global Law (Cambridge University Press, 2010).



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