Prof. Paul Mendes-FlohrProfessor of Modern Jewish Thought (University of Chicago, Hebrew University)

    Research Profile

    Prof. Mendes-Flohr’s major research interests include modern Jewish intellectual history, modern Jewish philosophy and religious thought, philosophy of religion, German intellectual history, and the history and sociology of intellectuals.

    Teaching Profile

    Examples of teaching activities: Modern Jewish Thought, methodological courses in the Study of Religions, Religious Ethics, German philosophy and intellectual history

    Selected Publications

    Paul Mendes-Flohr and Peter Schäfer, eds., Buber, Martin, Werkausgabe. 22 vols. Gütersloh,Germany: Gütersloher Verlagshaus, 2001ff. (Buber, Martin: Collected Works)

    German Jews: A Dual Identity. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999.

    Divided Passions: Jewish Intellectuals and the Experience of Modernity (Culture of Jewish Modernity). Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1991.

    Love, Accusative and Dative: Reflections on Leviticus 19:18. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2007.

    “A Post-Modern Humanism from the Sources of Judaism,” in Revisita Portuguesa de Filosfia, 62 (2006), 369-377.

    “Martin Buber: A Builder of Bridges,” in Jewish Studies Quarterly (Princeton University) 14 (2007), 5-25.

    “Anti-Semitism and the Jewish-American Political Experience,” in M. Dorraj/V. Martinez-Ebers (eds.), The Changing Face of America. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008.

    “Between Sensual and Heavenly Love: Franz Rosenzweig’s Reading of the Song of Songs,” in Scriptural Exegesis: The Shapes of Culture and the Religious Imagination: Essays in Honor of Michael Fishbane. New York: Oxford University Press.

    “Maimonides in the Crucible of Zionism: Reflections on Yeshayahu Leibowitz’s Negative Theology,” in: L. Goodman (ed.), Maimonides and his Environs. New York: SUNY.

    “Identidades judais post-tradicionales,”  in P. Mendes-Flohr et al. (ed.s), Identidad Judaia, Modernidad y Globalizacion. Madrid, 2007.



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