Prof. Nico N. KoopmanProfessor of Systematic Theology and Ethics

    Research Profile

    Prof. Koopman’s research focuses on the implications of Christian faith for moral and public life. From the perspective of Trinitarian thinking he deals with various themes in ethical life (political, economic, medical, sexual) and public life (spheres of politics, economics, public opinionformation and civil society – including churches and academic institutions). He is a theologian in the Reformed tradition who draws from contemporary ecumenical systematic theological and ethical discourses. Besides global political, economic, social and cultural transitions, transitions in South Africa and the rest of Africa constitute the context of his work.

    Teaching Profile

    At the undergraduate level he teaches modules in various fields of systematic theology and ethics, which form part of theological education for ministry in Protestant churches. Postgraduate students focus on various themes in the fields of Ethics and Public Theology. These students include students from South Africa, other African countries and other parts of the world.

    Selected Publications

    “… in a Special Way the God of the Destitute, the Poor and the Wronged … ; A Basic and Neglected Conviction of (Reformed) Theology?” in P. Coertzen, ed. 350 years Reformed: 1652-2002. Bloemfontein: CLF, 2002.

    (with R. Vosloo)  Die ligtheid van die lig: Morele oriëntasie in ‘n postmoderne tyd. Wellington: Lux Verbi, 2002. (“The Lightness of the Light. Moral Orientation in Postmodern Times”).

    “The Dis(Otherly)abled and Public Morality,” Scriptura (2003).

    “Some Comments on Public Theology,” Journal of Theology for Southern Africa (2003).

    “HIV en aids als etische en theologische uitdaging in Zuid-Africa,” in Theologisch Debat 1 (2004).

    “Bonhoeffer’s Anthropology and the Anthropology of Ubuntu,” in Nederlandse Theologische Tijdschrift (2005).

    “After Ten Years: Public Theology in Postapartheid South Africa: Lessons from a Debate in the USA,” in Nederduitse gereformeerde teologiese tydskrif (2005).

    “Theology and the Fulfillment of Social and Economic Rights,” in A. van der Walt, ed. Theories of Social and Economic Justice. Stellenbosch: Sunmedia, 2005.

    “Curing or Caring? Theological Comments on Healing,” in Religion and Theology 13 (2006).

    “An Ethic of Vulnerability for a Continent of Vulnerability? Christian Ethics in Africa” (paper read at the Annual Conference of the Society for Christian Ethics, Dallas, USA, 2007).



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