Prof. Myung-Yong KimProfessor of Systematic Theology

    Research Profile

    Public Theology , Theology of Life, Theology of Barth, Theology of Moltmann, Holistic Theology, Pneumatology, Eschatology

    Teaching Profile

    Doctrine of God, Theology of Barth, Systematic theology Doctrine of the Church and Eschatology, Systematic theology seminar, Holy spirit and church

    Selected Publications

    Open theology and theory of church  (1997)

    Challenge to modern systematic theology (1997)

    Christian Thoughts in this age (2000)

    Karl Barth’s Theology (2007)

    “Emil Brunner’s Understanding of Human Beings”” (1980)

    “Der Gottesbegriff Karl Barths in der heutigen Diskussion,” (1985)

    “Reformed Pneumatology and Pentecostal Pneumatology,”(2003)

    “Ein Vergleich der Trinitatslehren von Karl Barth und Jurgen Moltmann,”(2006)




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    Prof. Young Dong Kim