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Prof. Mike MartinProfessor for the Psychology of Aging (Gerontopsychology), Director of the Center of Gerontology

    Teaching & Research Profile

    Gerontology Cognitive
    Aging Quality of life in old age
    Social development across the lifespan
    Religion, health and aging

    Selected Publications

    Psychological Foundations of Gerontology. Grundriss Gerontologie. vol. 3. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2001.

    (with H.R. Schelling) Verfügbarkeit und Nutzung menschlicher Ressourcen im Alter: Kernpunkte eines gerontologischen Leitkonzeptes. Idstein: Schulz-Kirchner, 2005. (“Availability and utilization of human resources in old age: Main issues of a gerontological concept”)

    (with S.L. Willis) Demenz in Schlüsselbegriffen. Bern: Huber, 2005. (“Dementia in Key Terms”)

    (ed. with A. Kruse) Middle Adulthood: A Lifespan Perspective. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2004.

    (with D.K. Mroczek) Enzyklopädie der Gerontologie – Alternsprozesse in multi-disziplinärer Sicht. Bern: Huber, in press. (“Encyclopedia of Gerontology: Aging from a Multidisciplinary Perspective)

    (with H.R. Schelling) “Are Personality Traits across the Lifespan Sensitive to Environmental Demands?” in Journal of Adult Development (in press).

    (with M. Diehl and A. Kruse et al) “Einstellungen zum eigenen Altern: Eine Alters- oder eine Ressourcenfrage?”  Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie (in press). (“Attitudes toward one’s own aging: A question of age or a question of resources?”)

    (ed. with S.M. Hofer) “Psychologische Alternsforschung: Beiträge und Perspektiven,” in Psychologische Rundschau (2004). (“Psychological Research on Aging: Contributions and Perspectives”)

    “Intraindividual Variability, Change, and Aging: Conceptual and Analytical Issues,” Gerontology 50 (2004): 7-11.

    (with E. Voss and A.K. Stegmann) “Der Zusammenhang zwischen Angststörungen und aversiven Lebensereignissen im Alter,” Psychotherapie im Alter 2 (2004), 87-101. (“Stressful life events and anxiety disorders in old age”).



    University of Zurich
    Department of Gerontopsychology
    Binzmühlestrasse 14/24
    8050 Zürich, Switzerland

    Phone: +41 44 635 75 11
    Fax: +41 44 635 75 19


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