Prof. Kristin JoachimsenProfessor of the Hebrew Bible

    Research Profile

    • Old Testament-Hebrew Bible
    • Persian and Hellenistic literature (books of Isaiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, and Ruth)
    • Memory studies and historiography related to Ancient Israel
    • Identity – religion -ethnicity – gender
    • Postcolonial studies
    • Migration and Belonging


    Teaching Profile

    • Biblical Studies
    • Theory of Science
    • Historiography
    • Gender Studies
    • Hermeneutics and homiletics
    • Doctoral and master supervision


    Selected Publications

    • 2022: “He Shall Accomplish My Desired Will”: The Yehudized Cyrus in the Book of Isaiah in Shafer-Elliott, C. & Joachimsen, K. & Zvi, E. b. & Viviano, P. A. (eds.), The Hunt for Ancient Israel. Essays in Honour of Diana V. Edelman, pp. 360 -382. Equinox Publishing, ISBN: 9781800500211
    • 2022: Yehudite Imaginations of King Darius and His Officials: Views from the Province beyond the River, Religions 13:3, ISSN: 2077-1444
    • 2021: Israel’s Sin and Survival in Ezra 9–10 and Nehemiah 9–10, in Scheuer, B., & Davage, D. W. (eds.), Sin, Suffering, and the Problem of Evil, pp. 97 – 111. Mohr Siebeck, ISBN: 978-3-16-157538-9
    • 2021: When Bethlehemites and Moabites meet: ambiguous neighbors in the book of Ruth, in M.B. Kartzow (ed.), The Ambiguous Figure of the Neighbour in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Texts and Perceptions, pp. 44 – 59. Routledge, ISBN: 9780367637835
    • 2020: Jezebel as Voiced by Others in 1 and 2 Kings, Die Welt des Orients, s. 216 – 233. ISSN: 0043-2547
    • 2020: Cohesion, distribution and hybrid identity in Nehemiah 5, in Zehnder, M., & Hagelia, H (eds.), The Bible and Money: Economy and Socioeconomic Ethics in the Bible, pp. 115 – 128. Sheffield Phoenix Press, ISBN: 978-1-910928-75-2
    • 2020: The Book of Isaiah: Persian/Hellenistic Background, in L.-S. Tiemeyer (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Isaiah, pp. 176 – 197. Oxford University Press, ISBN: 9780190669249
    • 2019: Esther in Shushan, in Berlejung, A., & Grohmann, M. (eds.) Foreign Women – women in Foreign Lands: Studies on Foreignness and Gender in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East in the First Millennium BCE, pp. 203 – 222. Mohr Siebeck, ISBN: 978-3-16-157590-7
    • 2018: The Symbolic Function of the Law in Ezra 9–10, in H. Rydving & S. Olsson eds.), Religion, Law, and Justice: Seven Essays, pp. 15 – 40. Novus Forlag, ISBN: 978-82-7099-912-5
      2015: Remembering and Forgetting in Isaiah 43, 44, and 46, in Thelle, R. I., Stordalen, T., & Richardson, M. E. (eds.), New Perspectives on Old Testament Prophecy and History: Essays in Honour of Hans M. Barstad, pp. 42 – 56. Brill, ISBN: 9789004293267
    • 2011: Identities in Transition: The Pursuit of Isa. 52:13-53:12, Brill, ISBN: 9789004201064
    • 2007: Steck’s Five Stories of the Servant in Isaiah lii 13-liii 12, and Beyond, Vetus Testamentum 57:2, pp. 208 – 228. ISSN: 0042-4935



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