Prof. Kristin B. AavitslandProfessor of Medieval Culture and Church History

    Research Profile

    Trained as an art historian and specialized in medieval studies, Aavitsland’s research focuses on visual sources to religious cultures in medieval and early modern Europe. She has worked on Cistercian art and spirituality in Italy, church art in medieval Scandinavia, and cultural memory in the early Protestant culture of Denmark-Norway in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. From 2015 she leads the transdisciplinary, international research project Tracing the Jerusalem Code – Christian cultures in Scandinavia, whose aim is to investigate the interpretations and applications of the idea of Jerusalem throughout Scandinavian history. She has also researched the history of cultural heritage safeguarding, especially with regard to church restorations, in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

    Teaching Profile

    Prof. Aavitsland teaches courses in medieval Christianity, religious practices, medieval material culture and ecclesiastical art. She supervises students on all levels.

    Selected Bibliography

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